Auto Touch Up Repair Kit - Includes Custom Mixed Touch Up Paint

auto touch up kits

They touched up their cars and then wrote

"I recently finished touching up my 2005 Lexus ES 330 with your kit, and the results are superb!  So good, in fact, that I was able to install an Invisible Shield 3M clear bra, and the underlying finish looks new!
The color match for my paint (Garnet Black Pearl) was absolutely perfect
You folks have the best product and system available, period!"
- Don Warner, Wadsworth, Ohio

"I wish I had of taken good before and after pictures! So far, I have made my '94 MB SL500, '99 MB SLK230, and my newest addition, 2003 Jag XK8 all go from road rashed, rock chipped front ends to three beautifully detailed automobiles. What a discovery Dr. ColorChip was for me. I am your best advertisement in the area. I am not too far from thinking about doing this for others in my spare time. It has been very rewarding to me and my detail shop wants to send cars to me as well as a few car dealers and my friends. Your three foot rule should be more than sufficient to
most and everyone I have shown my results to has been blown away. Thank you for providing a great product that actually works."
Mike Sternberg, Williamsburg, VA


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How To Touch Up Your Car The Easy Way

Hang on, you’ll learn the hard way too at the end of this page!

Prep: Clean and dry surface to be painted

fixing a chipStep 1: Put the glove (provided in the kit) on the hand that will be applying paint. Shake paint bottle until steel balls flow freely. Apply a minimal amount of paint to chips. Immediately 'zip' over the paint with your finger to smear it and smooth out the surface. You could call this the 'dab and smear' method. This helps the paint uniformly fill the chips and expedites drying time, which should be less than a minute to the touch. Photos below illustrate how the paint should appear after application. You may want to do small sections until you get a feel for the removal process.

Photos below shows how the paint should look when applied



dry chipsStep 2: Paint should feel dry or tacky to the touch after a minute or two. If it's wet after two minutes, you've used too much. Smear the paint more with your finger to spread out evenly. It should dry very quickly.

Working in small quadrants, apply a liberal amount of Prefast blending solution to folded T-shirt rag or other smooth cloth. With light to medium pressure, rub over the painted area, letting the chemical do the work. Do not scrub. The excess paint will begin blending away from the 'overpainted' areas after a few passes with the towel. Keep the towel moist, re-applying Prefast as needed. Immediately buff the Prefast residue to a shine using the enclosed microfiber towel.  Repeat this process until all excess paint is gone. The paint should remain in the chips.

fixed aint chips



You may want to repeat this process for deeper chips, painting, then removing the excess until the fill level is satisfactory.

To see a video of an actual customer fixing his paint chips, click here.

To learn how to touch up you car the hard way click here

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